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Wingo 2 Bingo Machine - Entry Level

Wingo 2 Bingo Machine - Entry Level
Product ID:
Price: 125.01 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Entry level bingo machine - The Wingo 2!!
Solid segment 57mm (2.3") audience display.
14mm operator display.
Selectable delay on number displayed to audience.
Last number called flashes on operator matrix display.
Plays games 1-90 / 1-75.
Retains current game in the event of power failure.
Recall of all selected numbers.
Total numbers called function.

Dimensions (H/W/D)
230mm. / 220mm. / 110mm.
Display sizes
57 mm. / 14mm.
Power Supply
5V 1200mA. dc Regulated

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