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RFD100 Wireless External Display

RFD100 Wireless External Display
Product ID:
Price: 119.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Wirelessly connects to Wingo 4 RF.

Notes: Wireless units have a limited range(approx 25-50m) which can be affected by walls and other obstacles in the line of sight of the two machines.
When pairing the units, ensure the RFD100 is within range of the unit you are pairing it to or it will not connect.
Larger venues that need to connect several RFD100s to each other must maintain the correct sequence once paired e.g. RF Bingo machine >RFD100 (1) RFD100 (2)...

Solid segment 100mm (4") audience display.
Wall mountable, fixing kit included.
Can be used on batteries (4 x AAA) or 5 volt power supply.

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