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Lottery Bonus (1-59) Pop Open Fundraiser

Lottery Bonus (1-59) Pop Open Fundraiser
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Play along with the National Lottery and raise funds for your club, pub, charity or organisation in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Choose which lottery to play along with
Step 2: Decide a stake for each Lottery Bonus Pop Open Card; i.e. what are you going to charge? £1 is a popular amount..... you decide what's best
Step 3: Decide the prize - most commonly this is about half of the stake money raised (say £30 if you sold at £1 each), whilst the other half goes to the fundraising organisation - however this can be any amount or alternative prize that you decide
Step 4: Sell the Pop Open cards
Step 5: When the Lottery Bonus Ball is revealed the person with the matching Pop Open card is the winner of the prize!

Please Note: all of the sets have a serial number - take a note of this each time you play Lottery Bonus to prevent false claims..... Enjoy!

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