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Bingo Books - 6 to View

Bingo Books - 6 to View
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To order, first select from above the "Choices of Games required" then the "Pack Size" and finally the "Quantity" of packs you require.

Remember: Free delivery on orders over £55 + VAT

Jumbo Bingo Books are the most popular bingo books used for social bingo events with vibrantly coloured borders and the clearest most easy to read numbers available on the market each ticket is marked with an idustry standard code representing each unique ticket permutation.

These 6 to View Bingo Books (meaning 6 individual tickets separated by perforations) are available in the following number of games in each book: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10. For a broader number of games, please see our 12 to View range.

These 6 to View bingo books can be bought in multiples of:
- 750 booklets in a shrink wrap pack
- 6,000 booklets in a half carton (saving 15%)
- 12,000 booklets in a full carton (saving 30%)

If you require different quantities or just wish to clarify your order, please feel free to call us 01371 876699, email: sales@expressbingo.co.uk or leave a ticket with the live chat link below.

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