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Football Scratch Cards

Football Scratch Cards
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These High Quality Football Scratch Cards are an open stake fundraiser which means you decide how much to charge per entry and how much to pay out as prize money - most commonly, this is usually 50% prize money and 50% for club funds.

Remember: Free delivery on orders over £55 + VAT

To order, first select from above "Choose Number of Teams" then the "Package Size" and finally the "Quantity" of packs that you require.

These fun scratch cards come in 4 varieties:
30 Team
40 Team
50 Team
80 Team

and 3 Package Sizes offering economies of scale if required:
10 Cards
100 Cards = 25% saving
1,000 Cards in a Carton = 35% saving

If you require different quantities or just wish to clarify your order, please feel free to call us on 01371 876699 or email: sales@expressbingo.co.uk

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