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Dartsmate Pro Dart Scorer

Dartsmate Pro Dart Scorer
Product ID:
Price: 229.99 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Ultra slim design, only 1 inch deep!
Darts Mode; Play all games 101 - 1001.
Tactics Mode; Play any game, 10-20 plus Bull.
Displays for Score, Total, Legs and Sets.
Recall up to 40 scores stored in memory.
Handicap feature in both 'Darts' mode and 'Tactics'.
Energy saving auto power down.
Delete the last incorrect score entered.
Records the overall per dart and per throw averages.
Records the number of darts thrown in the last leg.
Invalid scores/checkouts are rejected.
Play against computer.
Play the computer, 8 skill levels in Tactics and 501 mode.
Power supply included.

Dimensions (H/W/D)
360mm. / 270mm. / 30mm.
Display sizes
20.8 mm. / 14mm.
1270 grammes.
Power Supply
5V 1200mA d.c. Regulated.

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